Monday, September 29, 2008

What is "SILAT"

Silat is the combative art of fighting and survival believed to have originated from ancient Malaysian and Indonesian civilizations. Until recently there has been no fIXed form of instruction. It has now evolved to become part of social culture and tradition and is a fine physical and spiritual training. There are various styles of silat. Silat burung putih is based on bird-style fighting Silat and Silat harimau is based on tiger-style fighting.

The definition of the word silat varies from one guru or cikgu (teacher) to another. The Malay dictionary defines silat as a seni (art) with the intelligence to attack and defend gracefully. Another meaning states that silat originated from the word kilat (lightning). A practitioner tries to acquire the characteristics of lightning: speed,dominance, sharpness, fluidity, and danger. A person with these qualities and intelligence was called sikilat.There are a variety of silat styles.

In Malaysia alone there are more than 150 known silat styles. Some of the known styles found in
Malaysia are:
· Gayong
· Sendeng
· Cekak
· Bunga
· Pulut
· Gayong Fatani
· Silat Melayu Keris Lok 9

Examples of Indonesian silat are:
Tapak Suji
· Serak
· Lintow
.Perisai Sahkti
.Setia Hati
· Menangkabau
· Kuntao
· Delima
· Perisai Diri
· Jawa
· Bahkti Negara