Monday, September 29, 2008

Silat gayong

Dato Meor Abdul Rahman Grandmaster of Silat Gayong

Silat gayong is an art of self-defense. It is a defensive art. an art for stopping wars not creating them. Gayong is not merely about self- defense; it is also a way to develop the self-belajar mengenal diri (becoming a better person so that one may serve humanity). Gayong is a tool to strengthen relationships among mankind. It is a great way to develop and to increase physical fitness, flexibility, mental conditioning, discipline, and self-confidence. The philosophy of gayong is strongly related to the Malay adat istiadat (Malay cultures and traditions), morals. adab (respect), and the teaching of religion. Religion is the inspiration, motivation, and guidance for high-quality behavior. It is a mark of peace and harmony. At one time, gayong was taught only to select people.

It was not until early 1942 when, on the Sudong island village of Singapore, inhabitants were worried about an attack by the Japanese army and the secret of gayong became more widely known The incident was the first step in making gayong available to the public. From the Sudong island, gayong spread to other vicinities such as the island of Seking, Bukum, Sebaruk, Sekijang, Sembilan, Semakom, and Damar island. It spread throughout the Indonesian islands as a way to protect the villages fi'om pirates.

Today, gayong is widely practiced in Malaysia and Singapore. The art is being taught in schools, colleges, to the armed forces, and to the Royal Malaysian Police. It also plays an important role for younger generations. Gayong has become a way to educate and introduce good character,discipline, morals, and ethics. It inspires the youth of Malaysia to appreciate the legends of the nation, the culture and tradition, and the achievement of freedom and liberty.
Gayong has traveled beyond Malaysian society to Australia, Kuwait,Tunisia, Vietnam, France, Europe, and now to the United States


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