Monday, September 29, 2008

Gayong Logo

1.Bulan dan bintang (moon and star)-symbolize faith as the guiding force of our existence.

2.Bumi (world)-represents that the art will be introduced and propagated to all nations.

3. Naga dan harimau (dragon and tiger)-represent strength in water and on land.

4.Keris dan parang (dagger and machete)-represent Malay traditional weapons and culture.

5.The sword of zulfakar(Arabian blade)-reminds us of the warriors that defended the teaching of faith and truth in the era of the uncivilized world.

6.Keris bersilang (two crossed daggers)-represent the spirit of the two legendary Malay warriors, Hang Tuah and HangJebat. This keris is the well-known keris called Taming Sari.

7.Bengkong hitam (mahaguru personal black belt)- The Malay bengkung or selempang represents adat (tradition). The name of the belt is Harimau Pelangi Cula Sakti Gangga Negara. It is the highest belt in silat seni gayong. Bengkung signifies a custom rich with tradition, culture, and respect. Dato Meor's personal belt is called Bengkung Harimau Pelangi Agong Mahkota Sakti.

The connotation of color in:

1.Putih (white)-Purity and Honesty
2.Merah (red)-Bravery
3.Kuning (yellow)-Royalty
4.Hitam (black)-Equality. Black is the color of shadow. It symbolizes social status. Our shadow makes no distinction among us in regards to race, gender, or status, thus symbolizing equality. The shadow also means that we are our own worst enemy.

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