Monday, September 29, 2008

History of Gayong

The mahaguru of silat seni gayong was Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. He was the descendent of Bugis and Arabs. His great grandfather, Prince Daeng Kuning (Daeng meaning prince of royal Bugis), was a famous warrior also known as panglima Hitam (The Black Warrior). Daeng Kuning was recognized as a descendent of the family of warriors identified as pahlawan gayong.Pahlawan gayong was a famous warrior, highly intimidating, and respected by the public in Makasar, Riau, Siak, and all of the surrounding islands. History indicates that the Malay legendary warrior Hang Tuah inherited gayong, which was ultimately passed down to Dato Meor Abdul Rahman. Daeng Kuning traveled from Sulawisi island to the Malay Peninsula sometime after the year 1800. He traveled with six of his close relatives. They were Daeng Jalak, Daeng Celak, Daeng Merawak,
Daeng Mempawah, Daeng Telani, and Daeng Pelonggi.

In search of a better life, they all went their separate ways throughout the Malay archipelago. Some moved to the state of Kedah, others to the states of Pahang, Johor, Terengganu, Selangor, and Malacca. Daeng Kuning settled in the state of Perak, married Princess Raja Patani, and decided to reside in the village of Air Kuning. They had a son named Penghulu Che NgahTambak who later had a son named Uda Mohd Hashim, the father of Meor Abdul Rahman. Daeng Kuning died in August 17, 1875 in Taiping, Perak. It is documented that seni gayong undoubtedly came from the lineage of the Bugis royal family Prince Daeng Kuning (The Black Warrior) Penghulu Che Ngah Tambak Daeng Uda Mohd Hashim

The picture below shows Data Meor Abdul Rahman's parents Daeng Uda Mohd Hashim and his wife Sharifah Aluyah, daughter of Syed Zainal Abidin Al- Attas.

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