Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Silat Gayong Combat technique

Silat Seni Gayong is mostly the hard form of silat. Silat itself consists of two forms, hard and soft. The soft form is referred to as Bunga (flower) and the hard form as Buah (fruit). From the flower we have fruit. Gayong seldom practices the flower form but it does exist. The flower form acts as a means of camouflage for the hard style. The purpose of bunga is to confuse and bore the opponent. When the opponent is confused, the graceful motions suddently change into explosive and lightning fast strikes to vital targets. Gayong style uses striking, grappling and bone breaking techniques. In addition to Buah Kunci Mati (dead lock), there is a set of movements referred to as Kombat or Pukulan (combat), i.e. a combination of blows, claws, tears and pokes to the vital points. Gayong also teaches the "ground fighting form". Falling to the ground does not mean the fight is over. Falling to the ground enables you to use Gerakan Harimau (tiger movements). Another concept is to work on the opponents' center axis by pushing, twisting and off balancing maneuvers.

Combat technique

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